What can we do for these smallest ones from Syria?

Some time ago our member organisation PMU visited its partner World Vision Lebanon to assess the projects that PMU has supported for Syrian refugees since 2012. The projects have focused on winterization support, support to education for Syrian families and child protection through child friendly spaces. Humanitarian Aid Coordinator at PMU, Jessica Hedman reports from the visit to Lebanon.

As we walk through the informal tent settings constituting the homes for thousands of Syrian refugees by the foot of the mountain chain separating Syria from Lebanon, I think of all the people that have made their journey here.

I think of the hardship that people endured during the freezing winter months where they only had plastic tarps to keep out the below zero temperatures.

I think of all the mothers and their babies, some who froze to death.

And not the least I think: what can we do for one of these smallest ones?

The experiences from this visit have resulted in a report on the impact of the Syrian crisis’ on Syrian children residing in Lebanon. The report also highlights how this has affected Lebanese society, which over the past five years has received over one million refugees, amounting to 25% of its own population.

I would like to dedicate a special acknowledgement to all of the competent and compassionate World Vision Lebanon staff that we met during our four day visit to Lebanon. They made our visit memorable and remarkable. They have committed themselves to largest humanitarian crises in the world.

The families and young children that we met during our visits to schools and what is to be called a shelter, I wish it could be called a home, left a mark in my heart. Friendly, curious faces, with tears streaming down the cheeks as we touched upon difficult topics about homes and families left behind; they will not be forgotten.

May God in His goodness give the people of Syria what they need the most: Peace.

Read the full report:

PMU visit report April 2015: The Syria crisis and its effect on Education in Lebanon

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