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Toolbox human rights-based approach

This toolbox aims to inspire, guide and strengthen the application of a human rights-based approach in development projects. The starting point is the Swedish Mission Council’s policy for a human rights perspective.


The toolbox provides a selection of useful reference materials, methods, tools and exercises. It contains materials produced by other development organisations as well as materials developed by the Swedish Mission Council.

The toolbox is divided into four parts:

Reference materials
Planning and follow-up
Four principles
Power and gender analyses

If the concept of a human rights-based approach is new to you, we recommend that you start by reading the Swedish Mission Council’s policy for a human rights perspective and the reference materials, before proceeding to read and use the other documents.

It is our hope that the toolbox will continue to develop and we are therefore interested in receiving your feedback on the tools, as well as suggestions for other useful materials to add to the toolbox (please use the form below).


Please e-mail your feedback to the Swedish Mission Council.

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