Secretary General

  • Anders Malmstigen_96x96cm

    Anders Malmstigen

    Phone: +46 (0)8 453 68 96
    Mobile: +46 (0)709 530 760
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    “I appreciate the relationships we have with member organizations and their partner organizations. It feels meaningful, and through them we are also part of an important work throughout the world.”

    Anders is deputy general secretary and is responsible for SMC’s development work. This means that he is responsible for the agreements with Sida, how we distribute Sida funds and monitoring how they are used.

    The task also includes managing the delegation of work in the project officers’ group. Anders is also responsible for our anti-corruption work. He is a member of the management team and manages change processes, strategy issues and programme planning.

    Anders was an aid worker for Interact for six years in Afghanistan. He has worked as a pastor and with disability issues in a refugee camp. He has studied theology and English at university level.

Ekonomi, kommunikation och administration

  • Linda Jägerskog_96x96

    Linda Jägerskog

    Phone: +46 (0)8 453 68 86
    Mobile: +46 (0)76 501 18 40
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    ”It is both interesting and stimulating to have the opportunity to work in a broad ecumenical environment that focuses on international development cooperation. I really appreciate meeting people, so it feels great that besides contact with the Swedish Mission Council employees, I also get to meet SMC’s member organisations. “

    As Human Resources Strategist, Linda has responsibility for issues concerning all categories of personnel within the Swedish Mission Council.

    Linda returns now to her original profession after working a number of years within the church in various capacities, the latest being in the Swedish Lutheran church in Sollentuna. At the same time she continues to work with employment issues in her own company.

  • Ann Sundell_96x96

    Ann Sundell

    Phone: +46 (0)8 453 68 84
    Mobile: +46 (0)76 501 18 46
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    “For me I am greatly motivated to organise work more effectively. I also really enjoy working with different ways of communication.”

    Ann works with administration, project management and communication. She administrates the board and sub-committee’s work, responsible for documentation, maintaining archives and developing good administrative routines. She is also responsible for updating SMC’s website and creating new pages. Ann also works as project leader for internal events such as the Annual General Meeting and member days for SMC members.

    Ann has previously worked for Save the Children Sweden responsible for its internal website and training among others. She has many years’ experience working with administration, project management and as an editor.

  • Matilda Pearson_96x96

    Matilda Pearson

    Phone: +46 (0)8 453 68 97
    Mobile: +46 (0)76 501 18 45
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    “I like situations where things happen and they certainly do here! Particularly exciting is the great variety of important issues and work assignments. It feels meaningful and enriching to be a part of creating possibilities for people to develop both in Sweden and internationally.”

    Matilda works with communication in different channels and supports her colleagues.

    Matilda has lived overseas in Zimbabwe, Dubai and Jerusalem. Before coming to SMC she worked with communication issues at Södertörn high school.

  • Ninna Ekstrand_NY_96x96

    Ninna Ekstrand

    Phone: +46 (0)8 453 68 91
    Mobile: +46 (0)76 501 18 39
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    ”It is exciting to work in an environment that is aiming to move forward. I am grateful to be a part of an organisation that strives to make a difference and that works to change people’s lives for the better, both in Sweden and other countries.”

    Ninna has responsibility for ongoing communication such as information memos and digital communication. She also supports her colleagues in their communication efforts.

    Ninna is also a photographer and graphic designer and has worked for many years within the newspaper and magazine branches as editor, photographer and picture editor as well as public relations officer for the Pentecostal church in Jönköping. She is a frilance as lecturer and photographer.

  • (Svenska) Sara Jonegård

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  • Sara V Dynesius_96x96

    Sara V. Dynesius

    Phone: +46 (8) 453 68 67
    Mobile: +46 (76) 501 18 35
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     “I wanted to work at the Swedish Mission Council because I receive so much myself in working for an organisation that is concerned to make a better world. It is inspiring to follow the implementation of a project and observe what SMC’s member organisations achieve with the resources they disburse. I am learning new things all the time and am glad when I feel that I can use my newly obtained competence.”

    Sara is controller for the disbursement of grants for humanitarian interventions and in some cases for development interventions. She supports the Humanitarian Coordinator with formulating routines and reporting templates. She assesses budgets and final reports and has continuing contact with member organisations concerning among other things, compliance with agreements.

    Before coming to the Swedish Mission Council, Sara was responsible for finance for the Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation. She has a Batchelor degree from Södertörn College.  Sara also runs her own company giving services in bookkeeping and auditing.

  • Viktoria Isaksson

    Viktoria Isaksson

    Phone: +46 (0)8 453 68 99
    Mobile: +46 (0)76 564 06 64
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    “In my job I meet many knowledgeable people who work together enabling people to bring about change in their lives. I desire that many will know what the Swedish Mission Council does, our members and their partners around the world.”

    Viktoria is responsible for guaranteeing that the Swedish Mission Council’s communication is strategic and well planned. She supports her colleagues in their work with communication and is responsible for press issues.

    Viktoria is a trained journalist, social educationist and is presently studying a course by distance at Linné University on the correct use of language and texts.

Lärande och påverkan

  • Niklas Eklöv_96x96

    Niklas Eklöv

    Phone: +46 (0)8 453 68 53
    Mobile: +46 (0)736 35 42 50
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    ”I feel attracted to working with an organisation that has many member organisations working in different ways with mission and development.”

    Niklas came to the Swedish Mission Council after working for 13 years in the international department of the Church of Sweden. He has primarily worked with formulating policies concerning peace and human rights issues in the African region. Before that, he worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African department, as a political scientist.

    Niklas now works for the Swedish Mission Council as Advisor for Capacity Development within both the humanitarian and development cooperation sectors. He will focus on a number of areas of which one is rights-based development cooperation, particularly regarding the use of specific methods and tools. Another area is participation in an evaluation to determine the effects development cooperation has achieved.

  • Katherine Cash_96x96

    Katherine Cash

    Phone: +46 (0)8 453 68 95
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    “Persecution and discrimination of religious views is currently in focus in our world today. The voice, knowledge and experience of the churches and Christian organisations need to be heard and taken up in foreign politics. It is a privilege to have a position that is so challenging as mine. What we do matters and it feels both exciting and serious.”

    Katherine works in communicating information about the situation for religious and persuasive freedom internationally that is becoming even more serious. She works also with advocating for greater priority and better integration of religious and persuasive freedom within Sweden and the European Union’s foreign politics. It concerns creating awareness among lawmakers and civil servants about how crimes against human rights influence individuals and societies. It also means creating awareness of the different methods that governments and civil servants can use.

    Katherine has studied international development and worked with opinion building and advocacy concerning international issues in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Sweden. Katherine has earlier worked in the Swedish Mission Council as a temporary replacement for development cooperation in East and Southern Africa.

  • Kristina Patring_96x96

    Kristina Patring

    Phone: +46 (0)8 453 68 93
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    “I like seeing cross fertilisation between people and theory where people interact together with different ideas connected to religion, theology and the philosophy of justice. I also enjoy discovering the many aspects of working with evaluations.”

    Kristina is the leader for a pilot project for building capacity on freedom of religion or belief in the south among member and partner organisations.

    Kristina’s main areas of competence are peace, conflict, non-violence, human rights and business responsibility. She has previously run a consultancy company that focused on these issues. She has completed post-graduate studies at Uppsala university and the Stockolm School of Theology in theology and human rights as well as responsible business practice and human rights. Kristina has worked at the Life and Peace Institute as officer for development and carried out consultancies for the Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation and the Christian Council of Sweden.

  • Robert Oden_96x96

    Robert Odén

    Phone: +46 (0)8 453 68 88
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    ”I enjoy reflecting together with others around the role, function and identity of churches and missions. I want to discover new perspectives and possibilities for a sustainable future together.”

    Robert works with theological reflection and issues concerning the role of religion in development cooperation.

    Robert has a journalist background and has previously worked for the Christian newspapers Dagen and Kyrkans tidning. He has written a PhD dissertation in missiology from Uppsala University and was editor for the journal in missiology Swedish Missiological Themes (SMT). Besides theology, he has studied political science.

Development Cooperation

  • Hanna Mellergård_96x96

    Hanna Mellergård

    Phone: +46 (0)8 453 68 94
    Mobile: +46 (0)76 501 18 41
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    “I feel incredibly bad when unjust things happen and want to try to change them. I believe that I can make a contribution in my role as Desk officer for developing the quality of our work. My ambition is to be a part of improving our whole way of working.”

    Hanna works as Development Cooperation Desk Officer with responsibility for the Middle East and North Africa including Sudan. She also assesses applications from Sida’s allocation for information. She has a thematic responsibility for gender equality and issues concerning peace and conflict. Hanna also assesses the performance of partner organisations.

    Before coming to the Swedish Mission Council, Hanna worked as Programme Officer for the Pentecostal Alliance of Independent Churches (PMU) within the same region and was also responsible for the joint team work of the officers. She has served as an intern for one year in Argentina.

  • Joel Sverker_96x96

    Joel Sverker

    Phone: +46 (0)8 453 6883

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    “I think that the interaction with people is fun. I also enjoy working together with others on an application and see the work improving. I also learn a lot from traveling with the member organizations.”

    Joel manages the projects in Asia, which means that he works with member organizations’ applications, monitoring and reporting. He is also thematically responsible for gender equality and the theory of change as well as involved in the Swedish Mission Council’s humanitarian work.

    Joel has an education in political science with a focus on peace issues. He has worked for Diakonia in Thailand and Sri Lanka.

  • (Svenska) Karin Sjöstedt

    Phone: +46 8 453 68 00
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  • Lennart Nolvall_96x96

    Lennart Nolvall

    Phone: +46 (0)8 453 6852
    Mobile: +46 (0)70 790 4381
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    “I really enjoy working with humanitarian interventions as it presents a great challenge to be as effective as possible. Meeting people’s different needs as human beings rather than subjects in difficult situations is absolutely vital.  I also believe that it is good to combine both development and humanitarian interventions as they complement one another. It is important to have a development perspective in humanitarian interventions and equally important to consider the risks for catastrophes and the need for risk reduction in development cooperation.”

    Lennart is Desk Officer for development cooperation and humanitarian interventions with a geographic focus on Central and East Africa, South Sudan and the Horn of Africa. He has thematic responsibility for environmental issues.

    His latest position was Humanitarian Officer for the Pentecostal Alliance of Independent Churches (PMU).

  • Rut Eliasson_96x96

    Rut Eliasson

    Phone: +46 (8) 453 68 85
    Mobile: +46 (0)76 501 18 42
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  • Sanna Svensson_96x96

    Sanna Svensson

    Phone: +46 (8) 453 68 69
    Mobile: +46 (0)76 501 18 32
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