I väntan på fiskarna, Moçambique. Foto: Izla Kaya Bardavid
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About Swedish Mission Council

SMC is a forum for churches and Christian organizations. We work together to provide opportunities for people and societies to change.

Through SMC, the member organizations can meet, exchange experiences and strengthen their competence. We organize courses and seminars both in Sweden and in countries in the South and East.

Between 2013 and 2015 we distribute each year 130 million SEK of Sida funds to the development work carried out by member organizations’ in collaboration with their partner organizations in around 50 countries.

We want to spread knowledge on issues that can contribute to the eradication of poverty.

Therefore we are working to enable NGO’s in Sweden and the South to engage in development work. As  part of our work for human rights we work, for example, to promote freedom of religion or belief.

Our member organizations have a large network across the world. This means that we have a rare opportunity to understand which role Christian organizations can play in transforming societies and which role religion plays in development.

Read more about our views on development in a country

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Partner organisations

Christian Council of Sweden, Churches’ week for global justice, Globalportalen and Fairtrade Sweden.

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We are active in social media, though mostly in Swedish. On Youtube there are some films in English.


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