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Becoming a member

Membership in Swedish Mission Council is meant to make the organizations stronger. Being a part of a larger context creates benefits for both the individual organization and other member organizations.

Only organizations based in Sweden can apply for membership.

Becoming a member of SMC is a process of discussions between us and the organization that seeks membership. The Board prepares the application for membership and the decision is made at the annual meeting.

If your organization is interested in membership in SMC then kindly contact our general secretary Anders Malmstigen.

An organization that wishes to become a member must fulfill the following criteria:

• embrace SMC’s core values and support the mission of SMC.

• have a democratic approach, popular support in Sweden and have at least five years documented international activities.

• be actively engaged in SMC’s work, which implies participating in SMC’s forums, networks, working groups, committees and the Board, and in some cases follow the special conditions for distribution of external funds that SMC decide upon, and support the joint work through a membership fee.

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Partner organisations

Christian Council of Sweden, Churches’ week for global justice, Globalportalen and Fairtrade Sweden.

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We are active in social media, though mostly in Swedish. On Youtube there are some films in English.


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