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Development philosophy

SMC believes that development cooperation is most effective when it is built upon a stable ground with a clear identity. There are values that inspire and guide us when we try to understand how development works and what our role is in the work for a reconciled and just world.

Development, whether it concerns society, organizations or individuals, is an ongoing process. This change is taking place everywhere, even when no outside individual or organization intervenes or influences through projects and activities.

All development activities are therefore interventions in already ongoing development processes, and this makes it very important to understand the context in which an activity will be carried out. It is also important to understand that development is never linear and thus difficult to predict and control.

Poverty and vulnerability are the main problems we want to address through development. This affects whole communities and people’s lives as a whole, both inner and outer aspects. In the same way development is about the whole person and the whole society that they live in.

The driving force for lasting change always comes from within. Therefore, the basis for good development is that people find value and meaning in their lives, and rights and opportunities to influence their lives. Trust and confidence are also fundamental for good development, which emphasizes the importance of good relationships as a basis for development.

Development and communication activities are never neutral. On the contrary, all activities that aim to change are colored by underlying values. Often these values are incorporated subconsciously into planning and communication and development activities.

This can create problems, not least when meeting with communities, organizations and individuals who have partially or entirely different values. With this in mind, it is important to be aware of which values our own development is built upon.

It is from this perspective that our work for increased capacity and quality with member originations is formed.

Rights-based approach

The development cooperation that SMC supports and is a part of, is pervaded by a rights-based approach. This means that all development and communication activities are shaped from the perspective of the vulnerable individual, whose conditions the intervention is meant to change.

The principle of non-discrimination is guiding this work and an important part of the activities is to influence and make state, authorities and relevant actors accountable.

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