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Cooperation and Ecumenism

SMC is an ecumenical organization. This means that churches and organizations from different traditions not only cooperate with one another but also seek Christian unity. We cooperate with many other ecumenical organizations, among these the Christian Council of Sweden.

Ecumenism is about seeking a visible unity between churches and strengthening Christian community between one another and through that strive for making the world as one. It implies practical cooperation but is also on a deeper level.

The idea of unity has its origins in the Holy Trinity.

Unity between Christians is impeded by the differences in the practice of our beliefs.

As Christians we cannot be complacent and believe that we do not need one another.  We have a mission to reflect the love and unity of God.

Cooperation with the Christian Council of Sweden

SMC and CCS are two ecumenical forums and we cooperate in many areas with the aim of improving the ability to reach our goals:

• The Global Week of the Churches

• Freedom of religion or belief

• Annual conferences

The role of religion in development

We work to increase the understanding about the role religion plays in the transformation of society. We organize for example seminars and lobby decision-makers. We collaborate with Diakonia, PMU and the Church of Sweden in this work.

Read more about the role of religion in development

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Partner organisations

Christian Council of Sweden, Churches’ week for global justice, Globalportalen and Fairtrade Sweden.

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