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Learning review

SMC’s Learning review on Gender Equality and Religion 2014-2015

The Swedish Mission Council conducts one large Learning review process as part of its every three-year strategic plan. The processes typically focus on key development sector themes, for example the last two have addressed HIV/Aids, and the Human Rights Based Approach. The reviews are done through a set of participatory case studies with SMC staff, staff at member organizations and their partner organizations and are integrated in regular follow-up visits of development projects during one year.


Download the Learning Review:

Lärstudierapport 2016-Final (only available in Swedish)

Download the Terms of Reference for SMC’s Learning review on Gender Equality and Religion.

Contact: Lisa Arlbrandt, Desk Officer for Development Cooperation at SMC. Also thematically responsible for issues concerning religion.

Case studies carried out so far

Pilot case study in Benin with Erikshjälpen and BUPDOS 22-23 October 2013. Based on this experience the final Terms of Reference for the Learning review were developed.

Case study in Kenya with Children’s Mission and I Choose Life Africa 28 February -1 March 2014. The SEAL project is an ambitious attempt to model a holistic approach to reach out with awareness, knowledge and behavioural change among high school students.

Case study in Colombia with the SweFOR and JustaPaz 21-26 April 2014. The Objeción de Conciencia (conscientious objection) project works towards the recognition and respect for the right to conscientious objection to compulsory military service in Colombia.

Case study in Kenya and Malawi with the Uniting Church in Sweden and the Ecumenical HIV and Aids Initiative in Africa (EHAIA) 8-14 November 2014. EHAIA assist churches and related organizations to professionalize HIV-related activities.

Case study in Bangladesh with the Quakers and SUS 1-3 December 2014. The work of SUS in the Netrakona area is focused on mobilization and empowerment of women and women groups.

Case study in Israel/Palestine with PMU and the Palestinian Bible Society 9-13 February 2015. Two projects were included – the Communicty development project and the Communicities of Interaction project. Field visits were made to Jenin, Ramallah and Bethlehem.

Case study in India with Lepramissionen Sweden and the Leprosy Mission Trust in India 16-22 February 2015. Several projects were included, most focused on “Self-help groups towards holistic community development and field visits were made to Delhi and Chhattisgarh.

Former Learning Reveiw 2009-2011

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Partner organisations

Christian Council of Sweden, Churches’ week for global justice, Globalportalen and Fairtrade Sweden.

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