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Development Cooperation

A large part of our work is to distribute funds to development projects, or development cooperation as we usually call it.

SMC is a contracting party to Sida, and is responsible for ensuring that member activities managed with Sida funds are in accordance with the criteria and guidelines agreed upon.

Through our agreement with Sida we distributed 111 million SEK during 2012. This includes support to our members and their partner organizations’ development activities in the South and East, and to communication work in Sweden.

Included in that sum is our costs for distribution of funds as well as the administration support that we channel to the respective member organizations.

This work is also about developing quality assurance and ensuring that the funds are managed in the same way in different organizations. To aid this process we have a flow chart for activity management with instructions and governing documents relating to most parts of the activity cycle management, from idea to archiving.

This is how we process an application

When we process an application more than one project officer is involved. Often the group of project officers discusses principal issues in order to arrive at a joint decision.

SMC’s development committee manages issues of principle character at their meetings. The committee’s role includes reviewing and strengthening the work of the project officers and reaching decisions on principles. The decisions made are added to the instructions for project management.


It is very important that SMC’s project officers for development projects have a good contact with the member organizations. An important part of the work is therefore to travel together with them.

During these travels we can see and learn from the ongoing work together, and at the same time the project officer can monitor and check, for example, how the agreement is being followed and how the organizations apply governance and control in their programmes.

Reporting of Results

We have a model for reporting, which means that we can summarize and explain the results and effects that the joint development work leads to.

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Partner organisations

Christian Council of Sweden, Churches’ week for global justice, Globalportalen and Fairtrade Sweden.

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