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The role of the church in society

Through our programme about the role of the Church in society we wanted to give the opportunity for churches and Christian organizations to take a step back and reflect. What are we doing in our churches? Is this what we should be doing? Are we doing this in the best way?

We have organized four international seminars about the role of the Church in society: in Congo Kinshasa 2005, Peru 2007, in Thailand 2008 and in Zimbabwe 2010.

The seminars have shown the enormous work churches are engaged in around the world. It has also shown the similarities and differences in which role the Church has in civil society and the relationships with the State and with the business sector.

It is clear from all the seminars that the relationship between churches in the North and South need to be developed further. Other issues that were analyzed were the roles of men, women and adolescents and power structures as a hinder for development.

Material from these four international seminars was a good starting point to make in-depth analysis in several areas, which we did in 2011 in Cambodia and Zimbabwe. You can read about this in the report Faith and Action:

Faith and Action

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