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OD Learning Group

More than 400 people are now part of OD & Christian Organisations Learning Group, which focuses on learning about organisational development (OD) with Christian organisations (which includes churches).

The OD and Christian Organisations learning group aims to:

1. Inspire, empower and encourage members to integrate faith and professional OD practice in working on change in churches and para-church organisations

2. Share learning from experiences through reflective practice, creating a body of knowledge and accessible resource materials

3. Create linkages between members enabling them to provide each other with advice and support to members

4. Provide access to information about OD in churches and Christian organisations that encourages and enables leaders to initiate OD processes themselves.

Who are the members?

Currently there are more than 300 members – a mixture of OD consultants, FBO staff and some church leaders. We come from more than 45 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

The group is facilitated by Rick James, Lorentz Forsberg of SMC, William Ogara from CORAT and Lilliann Våje from Digni.

How does the Learning Group work?

We currently faciliate learning in five ways:

1. Monthly letters

2. Blog and web forum discussions

3. Action learning research by members

4. Publications

5. Member Learning events

How can I get involved?

Membership is open, but subject to approval by the Learning Group Facilitators. Welcome to Sign Up and join the learning group.

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Partner organisations

Christian Council of Sweden, Churches’ week for global justice, Globalportalen and Fairtrade Sweden.

Follow us on the web

We are active in social media, though mostly in Swedish. On Youtube there are some films in English.


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